Orders that we may not accept. 01-11-2010 / PFR

Some of our Customers cooperate with a number of suppliers, and each of them can not (or perform irregularly) certain short supplied positions of the flowers range. If the customer places an order consisting only of short supplies, we will most likely refuse to accept such an order.

In other words, if the entire customer’s order can be easily distributed to 10-15 customers, who will then be satisfied, we will not take up this order. We prefer to provide with short supplied and sharply demanded positions our regular customers.

Moreover, we will not accept an order that is not realistic. For example, a particular variety of roses does not grow above 70 cm. No more than 1 box per 50 will be available on the market with a stem length 80 cm of this variety. If the customer orders this variety in a length of 80/90 cm, we will also refuse to fulfill such an order, or will get in touch with this customer for his permission to buy this variety in a length of 70 cm, since 80/90 cm is not available.

Sometimes we are forced to decline an order when the customer requires the whole range to be completed only from the particular farm, but does not have an agreement for a standing order with this farm (pls. see section «Standing orders and purchase of daily farms offers»).

It is desirable that the client allows us to purchase from at least 5-10 different farms, otherwise to fulfill an order completely will be extremely difficult.

It is worth pointing out that at the seasonal peak demand for flowers, for example, before the Valentine's Day (the second half of January - the first week of February), we concentrate our efforts on support and qualitative orders execution of our regular customers that have worked with us throughout the whole season.