May the Customer create any label for his boxes and adapt it for his future orders? 01-11-2010 / PFR

When the flowers are packed, the farms put customer's label according to our instructions: on the side of the box in the large print.

There are several important requirements to this labeling.

First of all, the client's name must be unique, and completely different from other customers’ names registered in our system.

In the next place, the label has to be distinctly audible over the phone in case of telephone order.

Besides, the label must be pleasing and encouraging the farms’ managers to provide this particular Customer with the best flowers

With reference to the approach mentioned above, often and often we can not register for the Customer the label he created himself. As a rule we select an appropriate label ourselves, and then coordinate it with the Customer. Sometimes we accept the label created by the Customer, however, this is not common.

Along with the Customers’ Name the farm’s sticker includes the list of the flowers packed into the box in fact, the number of bunches of each variety, the number of stems in bunches, the stem length of each bunch and the total number of stems packed in the box.