Addition to the order, reduction of the order, stop or minimize the purchase. 30-08-2009 / Actualizacion en Sistema

If the order has been sent by the client through our web-interface, but has not been yet imported into our system, then this order is located in the “Orders” module in the section “sent”. In this case, you can open it, edit and press the button “send” again. We will see the edited version of the order.

Order reduction. If the order sent from our site is already imported into our system, it is put in the folder “accepted”. In this situation, you can reduce the order in the following ways:

1) Please send us an urgent e-mail with the request to remove some specific positions. When sending this e-mail, please make sure that the subject of your message clearly indicates the date of order arrival at the point and the label (customer) name.

2) Please contact Daoflowers managers via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp with the request to make the necessary changes to the order.

***Please note: both of the methods mentioned above can be used for order increase also.

3) In the section “Order” you can select required accepted order and use the following features:

• Stop the whole order purchase or some of the lines (positions) of the order. This option can be used, when some positions have not been purchased yet, and you realize that it is better not to buy them at all.
• Stop and minimize the purchase of the whole order or some of the lines (positions) of the order. If the customer selected this option, we understand that it is important for him not only stop the purchase, but also try to sell (to other customers) those positions that have already been bought, or have even arrived at the point of destination.

• If the customer needs to reduce position of already “accepted” order, he has to put the sign “-” in the column “FB”, indicate required quantity, which must be reduced and press “Enter”.

After that, please click "send" and then "send the order".

Important!!! Please use point not comma when indicating value. For example, 0.5 FB, not 0,5 FB.

* • Important notice. 
The purchase stop or purchase minimization of the whole order or some certain positions of the order we consider as a request. Sometimes at the late stage of working with an order, when the boxes have already departed, it is impossible to cancel them. We can make an effort to distribute these boxes between our customers, try to offer them to other customers. If the market is avtive, then it is not difficult to sell several boxes, but in case decrease in sales, extra boxes (even with a good product range) may remain unclaimed, and it will be impossible to cancel them.

How to make an additional order?
If the order that has been sent from Daoflowers website has been already imported into our system and is located in the section “accepted”, please use the special button “+” of the additional order, after specifying variety, length, quantity (farms / countries - optionally).

Thus, you can increase the order by adding new position.

When all the additions are done, please click the button "send", and then click "send the order."
If the additional order is made correctly and at the right time, then after import into our system it will merge with the main order. In the module "Orders", the client will see the total order (main + all additional accepted ones).

If the customer needs to increase position quantity, that is already in the “accepted” order, he has to write sign + in the column “FB” and indicate required quantity, which must be added and press “Enter”.

After that, please click "send" and "send the order."

Important!!! Please use periods instead of commas. For example, 0.5 FB, not 0.5 FB.

How to make a second (third, etc.) additional order?
While the order that has been sent from our site is located in section “sent”, you can edit it as many times as you wish, and there is no need to make another additional order. If the additional order has been already accepted into the system, then it is transferred to the section “accepted”, and the customer can add positions to the order using the services described in the previous paragraph.

There is another way to send an additional order:

The customer can send another new order with the same date as the main one. In this case, Daoflowers employees will place it into the system, and after that the customer will see the entire order (initial and additional).

But we still recommend adjusting orders using specially developed interfaces, rather than sending several orders with the same date.