Information about the current quality of products (feedback). 01-11-2010 / Articulos

Information about the current quality of products from different farms (brief cargo review) is very welcomed, and allows our buyers to compose future shipments on the base of customers' feedback.

The easiest way to make this review is to write in a short comment to the right of each position in the format of our Excel invoice.

Even if there are no obvious complains, but there is some particular position the customer is dissatisfied with, it is very important to inform responsible manager about it in order to avoid quality problems in future. Provided that you do not give us a notice about the problem it may occur again in the next order.  

The lack of feedback on quality we interpret as "everything was fine with the last delivery and there is nothing to change".

Also our web interface allows you to leave the necessary comments about the variety quality right on the website. Please click here for more information about it «quality reports»