Variety Quality Reports 02-07-2008 / Noticias

    Daoflowers offers a new tool that allows our Customers to inform us about their attitude towards the “variety-farm” set.

In order to regularly buy flowers from different farms that are at the market’s peak, it is very important to receive timely information on the quality and condition of just delivered supplies.

The quality of the same variety of flowers grown by different farms is a subject to seasonal fluctuations, so it is very important to feel the moment when you should bet on a variety from this farm, or on the contrary, abandon this variety of the standard order until the quality improves.

By variety quality we mean the following set of parameters:
    • - buds size and opening degree depending on the requirements of sales market
    • - the thickness and perfection of the stems
    • - color saturation, brightness
    • - disease clearance
Variety Resistance to the long transportation is, as a rule a character of the variety itself and the farm that grows this variety is not a fundamental concern. However, it is worth mentioning that a number of farms put the flowers into the special solutions prolonging the flowers life. Quality and composition of these solutions mixture is the know-how of the farm

Our system offers a new tool that allows our Customers to inform us about their attitude towards the “variety-farm” set in cases where we are particularly interested in constructive feedback on quality.

Right in the order form, in the position card (i) our Customers can see the “blinking question”. This means that we would like to clarify their opinion on the variety supplied by this farm. It may sometimes happen that this variety is purchased from this farm for the first time, and sometimes this position has been regularly bought from this farm for a long time, but we do not have any latest reviews about its quality.
Upon a click on this “blinking question” you can see the window for the customer online review.
The lifetime of this request is one month after the moment when we registered it in our system. During this time, we receive a sufficient number of customer reviews, allowing either to exclude this position from the purchase orders, or, the way round, in case of excellent quality, to conclude additional standing orders for this variety with this particular farm.

In customer invoices, also arises the question of the variety quality from this farm.

In order to optimize the purchase in future it is very important to answer these questions in a timely manner.

Basically, you can leave no comment, you can just change the color of the “traffic light of preferences” from neutral gray to green that means (prefer) or red (prohibit).

We believe that by our joint efforts we will be able to optimize the purchase and to start the high season with an optimal selection of varieties from all plantations.