Daoflowers has developed a convenient service to send Claims from mobile devices on Android OS. 08-05-2017 / Actualizacion en Sistema

The application can be downloaded here: DAOFLOWERS Google Play

We would like to present step-by-step instruction for Claims sending from your smartphone:
1. Select the Claims Section on Daoflowers App.

2. In the opened window, you can see the list of previously submitted Claims with their current status (confirmed / under review).

In order to create a new Claim, click "+".

3. We can see the list of invoices, select required one.

4. We can see all lines of the invoice, choose the required position in the invoice.  

5. Select the type (subject) of the Claim, add a textual description. (This description is not necessary, but highly recommended. This will help to identify the problem in more detail and deliver a clear message to the farm).

6. Click on the number of stems of the position that you would like to claim, and please enter the required number of claimed stems.

When indicating the number of stems, the claim amount is calculated automatically according to your invoice.
You can request a discount for the position (if you have managed to sell it, when the spoilage was not pronounced) or send notification (if the time period for filing of claim is over, for example).

When you have finished entering the required values please click "OK."

7. Please add a photo.
It is possible to upload photos (taken earlier) from your gallery, but also it is possible to take photos during the processing of claim and upload them directly from the camera of your device.

Click "Add photo", select required photos / take pictures, click send.

IMPORTANT!!! Before sending photos, it is necessary to allow the Daoflowers App access to the gallery with photos and camera of your device. The application will request it.

8. Claim is being sent.

9. After that, your Claim appears in the Section "Processed".

  If there are not enough photos to place a claim, or the Internet connection is lost, or there is no time to send a Claim right now - there is the possibility to save your incomplete Claim to “Drafts” and send it as soon as you can.

Read more about Claims Policy