Orders schedule and day to day communication with customers and farms. 04-09-2015 / Noticias

Our specialists buy flowers from farms every day (except of Sunday, when sales departments of farms are closed), and organize flowers delivery to Amsterdam (to Europe) any day of the week, stated earlier by the customer.

It is desirable to send the orders a week before anticipated loading in Amsterdam. We can deliver the order to Amsterdam a day after purchase, provided a plenty of flowers on the free market, and the favorable customer’s balance at Daoflowers.

Example. On Friday – purchase from farms, Friday afternoon – farms deliver the boxes to the airport, Saturday morning – flight departure, Sunday morning – flower freight arrival to Amsterdam.

If the harvest and flowers offer are small, but the orders - large, this scheme does not work or it works, but not in full - without short supplied positions.

Every day from 12-00 to 15-00 (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) under no timeline our managers buy flowers from farms. As a rule, during this period of time all of our managers work online on the offers of free market.

At the same hour we download on site free offers from farms available for authorized customers.

From 12-00 to 15-00 (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) we handle confirmations from farms, upcoming orders from our customers, correct orders that are underway.

Right at this particular time period customers who are willing to get actively involved in completing of their orders may do the following:

  • to check and analyze the current status of the order;
  • to make decision on the positions, that have not been purchased yet (easing of some requirements to length, farms preferences, stop-prices);
    It is important to understand the fact that shortage in some positions of the order may be of strategic nature. We may consciously fail to do simple position for a reason to buy short supplied variety by it means.
  • to place additional orders;
  • to find out the market forecast with our managers before purchase;
  • to open possible replacements.

If the customer is directly involved in his order fulfillment, he eliminates unforeseen issues, can see and track on everyday status of his order online.

Also the client may just define the exact task before the purchase, ask the right questions, specify his preferences and stop-prices, open possible replacements in the way that not to lose his time then in the market situation research.