Preferred flowers pack rates 12-01-2021 / Actualizacion en Sistema

Unfortunately, farms use boxes of various sizes for flowers packing.
The sizes of farms boxes do not differ fundamentally, but there is no any common standard, and therefore the pack rates also vary depending on the manufacturer.

In case of purchase from free daily offers of farms, and if the customer’s preferences on farms are not specified (or there are many preferred farms for a given variety), then it is unknown in advance what farm this variety will be purchased from.
Therefore, the pack rate in this case is flexible.

On our website there is a tool for our customers that allows, if not to fix the required flowers pack rate in a box, then at least clearly indicate the pack rate for each order, and thereby increase the likelihood of correct order execution.

It is necessary to indicate the required pack rate in those order lines where it is essential for the customer.

In addition to the required pack rate, the customer can specify the preferred box type for a given order line. For example, if a customer would like his rose order to be packed into 0.25 FB (QB or Quattroboxes), then he can indicate this in the order line.
By default, if you do not specify QB, the system will pick up the main, the most used box type - 0.5 FB (HB or so called Halfbox).

It is important to note that the permanent flowers pack rate per box could be ensured just for the standing orders customer-farm. In this case, the farm always knows the pack rate required by the customer and prepares it regularly and in advance.

In case of flower purchase from the daily free market, the farms can see the customers’ preferences for the types of boxes and pack rates and they try to do their best in order to fulfill the customers’ orders as well as the situation allows.

But in case of automatic sale of flowers from farms through our web interface, the number of stems in online offers is not an exact parameter, but is calculated on the basis of the purchase statistics from a particular farm for the previous 4 weeks. Therefore, it is impossible to focus on the number of stems in online offers. This is just statistical information collected by our system from the past deliveries.

Please consider that during the period of market movement, farms try to keep the pack rate of daily offers artificially low in order to increase the number of boxes sold. And the opposite, when flowers are more than enough, the farms increase the pack rate that to sell more stems in one box. These fluctuations can be just minimized by placing the standing orders with farms. However, in terms of the average annual price the pack rates also have their downsides.