Frosty weather in Colombia in February 2020 14-02-2020 / Noticias

Columbian flowers growers and agriculturers are very concerned about the difficult weather conditions, since the beginning of February in some regions of this South American country surprised with never-before-seen level of frost - up to minus –6 degrees Celsius. And if people are able to manage this unprecedented temperature extremes, for the flowers it is a real shock. Sudden frosts have caught the farms by surprise and destroyed a high percentage of their harvest.
“30 000 producers, more than 67,000 hectares of pasture lands and agricultural crops were affected by frost in Boyak and Kundinamarck (administrative territory where the vast majority of our top suppliers are located). Frosts will last until March ”
Due to abnormal temperatures there was announced “orange” level of danger in this region.

Obviously, our key suppliers - flower farms - Agricola El Cactus, Natuflora, Flores la Conchita, have also faced and suffered from this natural disaster. A significant part of flowers was killed by frost, that has naturally affected the holiday orders’ execution for St. Valentine’s, and this factor continue to influence the current level of prices.
* The pictures were kindly provided by farms Agricola El Cactus and Flores La Conchita

Agricola El Cactus photos:

Flores la Conchita photos: