Suggest color varieties to your Customers on St. Valentine’s Eve 24-01-2020 / Noticias

Half in jest and half seriously here is the tip from the Flower Expert J Schwanke of UBloom.com that you can follow when it comes to buying flowers on the Eve of St.Valentine's Day:

Choose colors other than red! Surveys tell us that men “THINK” red roses are women’s favorite… but actually, the findings of the Society of American Florist tell us peach, and orange are far more favored by the ladies!

The Society of American Florists did a survey of 100 women, asking them their favorite color of roses and 85 percent answered - peach, pink or orange. When they surveyed 100 men and asked them what color of roses women preferred, 94 percent answered - red.
And due to the demand, every red rose on the planet is cut for Valentine’s Day… which means their peach, and orange cousins (or any color besides red) may be better quality and even priced lower.

So you can offer some great education by telling that simple story and selling your male customers peach, pink or orange roses. Plus, colored roses are readily available, they will stand out from the crowd, and they may even be more fragrant — it’s a win-win for everyone.