Cargolite®, the developer of an innovative packaging concept for fresh cut flowers that has gained a demand in Kenya, is now expanding internationally...
Les ofrecemos a nuestros clientes los otros tipos de flores. La finca ecuatoriana Agrica se especializa exclusivamente en el cultivo de tales flores como Anemonas y Ranunculos...
La exportación de flores de Kenia a la Unión Europea por contenedores marítimos tiene una tendencia constante al alza ...
En este artículo trataremos de ayudar al empresario novato tomar las decisiones correctas a la hora de elegir el surtido de una tienda de flores...
El paro nacional que se llevó a cabo en Ecuador entre el 13 y el 30 de junio de 2022 resultó en enormes pérdidas económicas y creó una situación insostenible para todo el sector floricultor del país ...
En el periodo del 13 al 30 de junio de 2022 en Ecuador, por iniciativa de diversas organizaciones sociales, principalmente por la Confederación de Nacionalidades Indigenas del Ecuador, se realizó un paro a nivel nacional...
We are glad to inform our Customers that Daoflowers IOS and Android Applications important update has been released.
Based on the drop in fresh flower sales in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic many experts forecasted further downturn in sales. Instead – for example, in the USA consumers bought ...
Некоторые эквадорские плантации приостанавливают поставки цветов. Отмены рейсов авиакомпаний.
Columbian flowers growers and agriculturers are very concerned about the difficult weather conditions, since the beginning of February in some regions of this South American country surprised with never-before-seen level of frost - up to minus –6 degrees Celsius.
In our system we have several different ways how to include air freight and handling cost to the invoices of our customers.
Half in jest and half seriously here is the tip from the Flower Expert J Schwanke of UBloom.com that you can follow when it comes to buying flowers on the Eve of St.Valentine's Day:
It is really possible; the prices in the invoice may differ
A través de los años nuestra empresa se dedica a compras de flores de Ecuador, Colombia y Kenia. Daoflowers despacha flores no solo para los países de la Europa Oriental, sino también para los países de Asia y de la Unión Europea.
During the many-many years, starting from early 1990s our company specializes on flower deliveries from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya.
Incredible art objects made of flowers were created by residents of the Dutch town of Zundert in honor of the birthday of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, who was born in this town in 1853
Professional joke story from the flower business
Fincas. Nuevo perfil del usuario en el sistema www.daoflowers.com
Upon requests of our Customers we post on our website the pack rates provided by farms, that we regularly work with. The data is averaged over the last three weeks.
A personal standard order (PSO) is an agreement between a particular customer and a particular farm about the regular (most of all weekly) flowers supply of a fixed range
Dependiendo de las demandas de los clients a las cajas surtidas, hay unas concepciones principalmente diferentes a su composicion.
The forecast for the coming days in Ecuador - cold weather, low clouds, rains
New Quito airport will come into operation on time
Analyzing the daily farms offers, we can see in advance the positions (varieties and grades) that most likely will be available for tomorrow delivery to the point.
When our customers place their first orders with Daoflowers, they ask to price it always before, since our price list with a huge number of farms, varieties and prices in different stem lengths seems bulky at first sight.
Cargo must depart from Colombia on Tuesday and Thursday to connect in AMS on Thursday and Saturday. The flights depart from AMS at 06:00 am, arriving the same day to OVB at 15:00 hrs. Rate: U$ 2.62 per kg + fuel surcharge U$1.30 per kg
We have a different approach to each region.
We offer to our customers a wide range of mini-callas from the Ecuadorian farm, that specializes in the production of this type of flowers.
Who may become a Daoflowers Customer?
Tomen su decision correcta! Hasta el encuentro en la feria FlowersExpo! Compania de exposicion “GreenExpo”
Flowers have always been a nice gift for any holiday. And if we are talking about unusual flowers, the one who presents them stands out in particular.
Today we received a notice that in the nearest future there will be no quality performance of current orders from PQR, particularly from Wayuu.
After the shortage of flowers and very expensive key varieties in August and September 2011, traditional "October thaw" has finally came up.
Few of the farms can showcase such high quality standards and such a diversity of new varieties, even if it is exhibition samples.
Below we describe briefly the flow of processing and sending order of flowers from our website.
To optimize the purchase of flowers by the price criterion, many of our customers place their orders with stop-prices for certain positions.
Los participantes encontraran a los companeros del negocio de flores de muchas ciudades de Rusia y de otras ex republicas sovieticas.
Tomen su decision correcta! Hasta el encuentro en la feria FlowersExpo! Compania de exposicion “GreenExpo” Tel.: +7 (495) 221 12 51 / 8 915 185 79 03 Fax: +7 (495) 983 06 77 E-mail: mail@flowers-expo.ru / ez@flowers-expo.ru www.flowers-expo.ru
New Year's greetings from Daoflowers
Some of the farms have to resource to non-traditional technologies in order to satisfy demanding requirements of the Russian flower market.
On request of seven breeders, the Bulgarian customs inspected Turkish flower trucks and removed carnations and gerbera varieties that were grown in Turkey without permission of the breeders.
Some hail got inside the greenhouses and hit some flowers that have mechanical damage but also the accumulation of hail inside the greenhouses keep the humidity very high during a couple of days and the development of heavy botrytis.
Over the past week in Colombia heavy fall of rain led to the state of emergency in the country.
Compania aerea Martinair introduce el sistema del escaneo de las cajas para determinacion de sus medidas y calculos del peso volumetrico de todas cargas de flores.
There are a many advantages in the work with standing orders customer-farm, and one of the main is stability. After concluding the contract with the farm, the customer shall regularly buy defined/negotiated variety assortment of defined lengths, and the farm shall regularly provide the customer with these positions.
Ecuadorian farms Nevado and Rosaprima produce several specific fragrant varieties of David Austin selection.
Many Colombian farms located in the north of Bogota savannah, seriously affected by frost. According to preliminary information, plants and flowers have suffered, and serious losses of flower, intended for St. Valentine's Day, are expected.
Dear colleagues, Happy New Year 2010!
Last Friday, many farms informed us about possible actions and blocking of main roads on Monday, September 28, 2009.
The order have been placed and sent. How to add or to reduce the order?
Nuestro servicio nuevo permite a las fincascualquier tiempo recibir toda la informacion necesaria acerca del nuemro de guia bajo la cual esta volada la caja.
El web-servicio nuevo para las fincas - la estadistica de variedades y manejo de listas de variedades
Dear colleagues, Happy New 2009 Year. Let it bring you luck and joy, fill your life with bright and unforgettable events. Thank you for being with us!
The situation requires us to review immediately the prices of standard orders with the majority of farms.
It turns out, carnation can be packaged into the nets
Congratulations to all the fans of the Russian national team with an important win over the team of Sweden and getting into the ¼ finals of the European Football Championship.
Benchmark Growers farm announces the beginning of production of top quality alstroemeria "The Queens Alstro" in nets, long stemmed, with at least 5 opened buds.
Dear friends, colleagues, partners Congratulations to all on the New Year 2008!
November 9, 2007 at the airport Mariscal Sucre crashed passenger liner A 340-600 airline Iberia, landing after the flight from Madrid.
Frosts in Colombia have caused serious damage to the production of flowers
Frozen in Colombia can significantly affect the preparation of flowers for supplies on March 8.
We finish receiving orders for exits from the AMC on January 31 - February 9, 2007 today, January 16, 2007 for the reason that we must confirm (redeem) the seat on additional flights.
Wishing you all the best!
Holland approximately in the end of December will stop deliveries of flowers to Russia of production of a phytogenesis, including colors.
As usual, in mid-November, Ecuadorian and Colombian rose-growing farms pruned the roses bushes in order to have the maximum output for St. Valentine's Day.
Before the flower exhibition in Ecuador, a new flight was announced. Femke Fresh Fly Airline, Boeing 747-200, planned starting from October 22, 2006.